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Influencer Marketing: New trend for digital marketing


Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Marketing trends are very effective in increasing brand awareness and generating more leads. We are the best digital marketing company in Pune you can trust. Learn how to run a results-oriented, highly efficient and scalable influencer marketing campaign in your company with minimal effort.

We at Conceptroof Digital Marketing Company are recognized as leaders in the digital marketing industry. Since 2013, we have helped thousands of local and international businesses in all industries maximize their online revenue by implementing growth-focused digital marketing strategies. To keep our clients on the clear path to success, we keep up with the latest trends and innovations, research and test different marketing tactics through in-house campaigns, influence marketing and which strategies determine if will produce the best results. We do it for ourselves every month, so we know how to get more leads for you. Our experienced in-house marketing team generates almost every lead from organic search results.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of Social media marketing where brands engage with their customers using people with high followers on social media platforms. In the past, our society has been involved in influencer marketing because of the existence of humans, but in the modern context, using social media platforms makes it much easier for people to create large numbers of followers. I did. Influencer marketing is usually at the crossroads of Social media marketing and content marketing. Influencers typically create content and deliver it to their followers via social media platforms.

Why You Should Do Influencer Marketing?

As a brand, if you are interested in connecting with your audience at a level deeper than you can achieve with regular advertising, influencer marketing should be considered carefully. Beyond traditional advertising is a time-consuming process, as advertising fatigue in general advertising is increasing, and influencer marketing will hopefully help brands clear the turmoil.

What metrics do I need to track to measure the success of my campaign?

This depends on your campaign and its goals, but some campaigns can track metrics such as impressions, reach, engagement, CTR, sales conversions, coupon codes used, traffic generated, and new user registrations.

 We’re All about Growth and absolute Results

 In recent years, many popular brands have turned to influencer marketing to expand their customer reach. Influencers use a niche audience to promote products that they really enjoy. As a result, the revenue from influencer marketing is generally higher than traditional marketing.

We are a result-focused digital marketing company in Pune. We are a team of obsessed data-driven internet marketers who guide their businesses through the ever-changing context of today’s Digital media. Tactical develops creative, state-of-the-art digital strategies with a focus on numerical, analytical, and creative expertise, and then surgically accurately executes them. Influencer marketing is done in a way that is sure to influence your audience and increase brand engagement.

How to Create Unique and Attractive Influencer Marketing Content

• Appropriate Content Formats and Platforms for Best results

• Analysis of Future Trends by Industry

• Practical for Creating Successful Influencer Campaigns Insights and important insights!

• Marketing strategies for new trends and upcoming festivals

• Cast creators and leverage followers to increase brand value

• Always analyze who new influential niches are

• Understand the viewer’s sensibilities

Brand analysis is the key to influencer marketing. You need a good influencer approach. To strengthen your brand’s reputation and make you stand out, we develop great influencer marketing strategies that capture the voice and personality of your unique brand. Let’s see how we used influencer marketing on Pune’s Yojana poultry. This has grown since last year and has helped to be the best approach to marketing the brand.


Yojana Poultry

Yojana Poultry has been servicing Maharashtra for 42 years, providing the finest and most hygienic eggs throughout Maharashtra. Yojana Poultry Power Eggs are one of the most popular eggs in Pune. The product itself insists on a strong and healthy lifestyle, which makes it more popular in combination with the most famous Dayakaant shetthy (also known as Daya) and made healthy choices more interesting https://youtu.be/5_Hf9wBu4p4

         Yojana Poultry has adopted Celebrity Influential Dayakanth Shetty, Singh and a Power Egg campaign focused on encouraging everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Campaign fits perfectly with her brand and added more emotion through the relationship between the magical father and the sun. Influencers and celebrities add a unique flair to their campaigns as they have a huge audience and followers that can be described as a fixed audience. https://www.yojanapoultry.com/

Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Worth It In 2022?

“Is SEO dead?” and “Is SEO worth it?” are questions we get often as performance marketing agency.

SEO Definition: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid “organic” search results. In general, the earlier or higher ranked on the search results page, and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users. (Reference: Wikipedia). Now lets see Is Search Engine Optimization SEO Worth It In 2022?

What do we know about SEO?

When we started, SEO was still something that you could use quite aggressively. we entered into a market filled with big budget businesses who play with millions in marketing dollars each year. but their is more than couple misconceptions about SEO. they are as follows.

Misconceptions about SEO

Keywords Lead to Better Rankings

Well-researched keywords that are precisely placed in your text, headlines, subtitles, images, video descriptions and links are your path to success.

What kind of keywords are these? It mostly depends on your industry, but you need to pick one or two main keywords per content and then sprinkle them with relevant keyword synonyms.

Google understands the meaning behind this or that content with the help of keywords, but it does not need tons of them. If your client chooses to create the content themselves, be sure to provide detailed guidelines (or at least some advice) on how to do it the right way. Non-optimized content spamming keywords is a major threat to your digital marketing.

The Guest Blogging Model Doesn’t Work

Stats show that 60% of blogs publish 1-5 guest posts each month, Over 100 guest posts are written by 3% of blogs per month, Only 6% of bloggers post the majority of their original content in guest posts, 62.96% of readers consider blogs with multiple authors more credible, 79% of editors believe guest content is too promotional. Many websites provide a page for contributors to their blogs. The most convenient way to find blogs that allow guest posting or similar. When searching for guest posts, it’s important to remember to search under your topic or niche.

Search Engine Optimization is replaced by content marketing

With SEO content writing, the central objective is to increase organic traffic through search engines. The uttermost goal of content writing is to turn traffic into leads and sales. Content marketing is marketing. This approach establishes expertise, fosters brand awareness, and keeps your business top-notch when it’s time to buy what you sell. Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of getting pages to rank higher in search engines like Google. Ranking higher in search results can lead to increased traffic to a website since search is one of the primary ways that people find content online. So the final word is both are irreplaceable.

More Visitors means more Revenue

When my website finally went from 3 thousand visitors to 7 thousand visitors a month – there was not a single increase in my sales.

If we’re paying for SEO and we’re seeing results like more visitors, why aren’t we getting more customers? This is the problem; You are not getting relevant visitors to your site. 

 Then what is the solution? we have to make data-driven decisions from google analytics. Check whether traffic coming to our website is relevant or not.


Digital marketing relies on search engine optimization and businesses that think otherwise limit their exposure to the digital space. SEO can be a huge boon to your content’s performance in search, which in turn leads to better rankings. And that means more traffic, leads, conversions and revenue. This is what every business needs, isn’t it?

What Is Causing The Decrease In Organic Traffic?

Whenever your organic traffic drops, you go through normal responses. There is a feeling of panic, confusion and uncertainty about how to get things back in the right direction. Then what is causing the decrease In organic traffic is the question comes in mind and how to Increase Organic Traffic?

One thing is certain, though: it’s best to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible to prevent the loss of higher rankings, conversions, and sales. In times of crisis, contingency planning is very useful. That’s where this checklist comes in. Here’s a look at the first six things you should be on the lookout for when you see a drop in your organic traffic.

Check out the following checklist of what parameters reduces the organic traffic to the website.

  • The quality of your content
  • Site redesign/migration issues
  • Link loss
  • Google algorithm change
  • Tracking code
  • Google search console

As the digital space becomes more competitive with each passing year, ranking on search engines has become the need of the hour! Advertising campaigns, promotions and advertising are paid actions, and this is where organic traffic makes the biggest difference and impact! A perfect example would be if a user searches for a specific query and your website ranks for that product or service.

How to Increase Organic Traffic To Website

Voice search optimization

In the US alone, nearly 40 percent of Internet users use voice commands, which is expected to increase in 2022! The advent of smart virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, Bixby, Google and others has increased the volume of voice-enabled searches.

How do you optimize voice search by having a conversational tone on the website, as well as having long-tail and location-based keywords?

Check Meta Titles to Optimize CTR

Often people notice the meta titles and descriptions mentioned on the website. Therefore, putting keywords in meta titles helps a lot in ranking high on SERPs. While meta titles are 60 characters long, descriptions vary between 150 and 160 characters. The keyword-rich title helps Google understand the content of the webpage.

E-A-T Principle

A website’s reputation has become an important aspect for Google and the EAT (Expertise – Authority – Trustworthiness) principle explains the logic! The authenticity and credibility of a website are evaluated by reviews, ratings, customer feedback and much more.

A smart way to highlight all your accreditations, awards and ensure quality updated content on the website. Even if you do get feedback, respond with professionalism.


Quality Content

Long content receives more traffic than short-form content – however, it is important to keep users engaged! Creating a buyer persona has become an integral part of SEO in 2022 and will continue to be so.

If presented properly, the target audience finds it quite appealing. Also, while mentioning statistics, mention the source which makes the material more authentic.

Focus on video content

If you are wondering how to use SEO to increase traffic, we have a definite answer for you – Video Optimization! Add some relevant keywords and hashtags that help the content reach the target audience. Giving a user-friendly introduction to your channel can help garner massive organic traffic.


website security

A study shows that every 39 seconds, there is a hacker on the web. The ideal way to protect your website and content is to enable the HTTPS protocol for your website. Even Google counts your encrypted website on the good side and gives the site a slight SEO boost.

Improve Technical SEO

Along with enriching the content, emphasizing the technical aspects of SEO will be an upcoming trend in 2022. From optimal content per page to crawl rate and page speed ratio – everything plays a major role. Make sure redirects, backlinks, and URL structures are in place to drive organic traffic in 2022

Focus on Local  SEO

If you are a local business owner, consider adding local keywords when writing the meta description! Google algorithms can promote your page in local search results only if the location is clearly mentioned. Adding your name, contact, address to a website and using GMB adds authenticity to your local business.

featured snippets

Google has various elements for highlighting organic content and snippets are one of them! It displays one snippet per page so the content inside should be crisp, effective and to the point. Schema markup is another useful way to increase the effectiveness of your snippets.

Mobile responsive website

Smartphones are playing a major role in today’s digital marketing headroom! According to the latest update from Google, mobile speed will soon be an important ranking factor. Businesses should consider developing a mobile-first version and then aligning it with other platforms.


It is tough to find out the decline in organic traffic when you don’t know where to start. Keywords visibility, technical errors, competition and research are one step closer to understanding what’s happening so you can devise a plan to fix it. Or take experienced and expert advice.

As a leading digital marketing company in Pune, We carry a passion for performance marketing and have a knack for untangling even the toughest of the knots. Concept Roof Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd. We believe in coming up with original ideas and turning them into digital work that is both innovative and measurable.

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