Tag: Best digital marketing company

Tag: Best digital marketing company

Concept Roof stands out as the best in digital marketing in the city, is the favourite choice of many businesses.

Pune is one of India’s leading tech hubs, and it’s no surprise that the city is home to some of the best digital marketing companies in the country. With the growing importance of digital marketing for businesses of all sizes, choosing the right partner to help you achieve your marketing goals has become increasingly crucial. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the top digital marketing companies in Pune, and why Concept Roof stands out as the best in the city.

Why Concept Roof:

Concept Roof is a full-service digital marketing, graphic designing, and website or app development company based in Pune. With a team of experienced professionals, the company offers a range of services designed to help businesses grow online. From search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing to website design and development, Concept Roof has the expertise to help businesses of all sizes succeed online.

In conclusion, Pune is home to many top-notch digital marketing companies, but Concept Roof stands out as the best in the city. With its comprehensive approach to digital marketing and commitment to delivering results, Concept Roof is the go-to choice for businesses looking to succeed online. Whether you’re looking to improve your search engine rankings, increase your social media presence, or build a beautiful and functional website, Concept Roof has the expertise to help you achieve your goals. So why wait? Contact Concept Roof today and start your journey towards online success!

Influencer Marketing: New trend for digital marketing


Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Marketing trends are very effective in increasing brand awareness and generating more leads. We are the best digital marketing company in Pune you can trust. Learn how to run a results-oriented, highly efficient and scalable influencer marketing campaign in your company with minimal effort.

We at Conceptroof Digital Marketing Company are recognized as leaders in the digital marketing industry. Since 2013, we have helped thousands of local and international businesses in all industries maximize their online revenue by implementing growth-focused digital marketing strategies. To keep our clients on the clear path to success, we keep up with the latest trends and innovations, research and test different marketing tactics through in-house campaigns, influence marketing and which strategies determine if will produce the best results. We do it for ourselves every month, so we know how to get more leads for you. Our experienced in-house marketing team generates almost every lead from organic search results.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of Social media marketing where brands engage with their customers using people with high followers on social media platforms. In the past, our society has been involved in influencer marketing because of the existence of humans, but in the modern context, using social media platforms makes it much easier for people to create large numbers of followers. I did. Influencer marketing is usually at the crossroads of Social media marketing and content marketing. Influencers typically create content and deliver it to their followers via social media platforms.

Why You Should Do Influencer Marketing?

As a brand, if you are interested in connecting with your audience at a level deeper than you can achieve with regular advertising, influencer marketing should be considered carefully. Beyond traditional advertising is a time-consuming process, as advertising fatigue in general advertising is increasing, and influencer marketing will hopefully help brands clear the turmoil.

What metrics do I need to track to measure the success of my campaign?

This depends on your campaign and its goals, but some campaigns can track metrics such as impressions, reach, engagement, CTR, sales conversions, coupon codes used, traffic generated, and new user registrations.

 We’re All about Growth and absolute Results

 In recent years, many popular brands have turned to influencer marketing to expand their customer reach. Influencers use a niche audience to promote products that they really enjoy. As a result, the revenue from influencer marketing is generally higher than traditional marketing.

We are a result-focused digital marketing company in Pune. We are a team of obsessed data-driven internet marketers who guide their businesses through the ever-changing context of today’s Digital media. Tactical develops creative, state-of-the-art digital strategies with a focus on numerical, analytical, and creative expertise, and then surgically accurately executes them. Influencer marketing is done in a way that is sure to influence your audience and increase brand engagement.

How to Create Unique and Attractive Influencer Marketing Content

• Appropriate Content Formats and Platforms for Best results

• Analysis of Future Trends by Industry

• Practical for Creating Successful Influencer Campaigns Insights and important insights!

• Marketing strategies for new trends and upcoming festivals

• Cast creators and leverage followers to increase brand value

• Always analyze who new influential niches are

• Understand the viewer’s sensibilities

Brand analysis is the key to influencer marketing. You need a good influencer approach. To strengthen your brand’s reputation and make you stand out, we develop great influencer marketing strategies that capture the voice and personality of your unique brand. Let’s see how we used influencer marketing on Pune’s Yojana poultry. This has grown since last year and has helped to be the best approach to marketing the brand.


Yojana Poultry

Yojana Poultry has been servicing Maharashtra for 42 years, providing the finest and most hygienic eggs throughout Maharashtra. Yojana Poultry Power Eggs are one of the most popular eggs in Pune. The product itself insists on a strong and healthy lifestyle, which makes it more popular in combination with the most famous Dayakaant shetthy (also known as Daya) and made healthy choices more interesting https://youtu.be/5_Hf9wBu4p4

         Yojana Poultry has adopted Celebrity Influential Dayakanth Shetty, Singh and a Power Egg campaign focused on encouraging everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Campaign fits perfectly with her brand and added more emotion through the relationship between the magical father and the sun. Influencers and celebrities add a unique flair to their campaigns as they have a huge audience and followers that can be described as a fixed audience. https://www.yojanapoultry.com/


How digital marketing is shaping the business in 2022. We are Now in 2022 and everything has gone digital. For the past two years, we have been totally dependent on the various e-commerce websites for many things. The world window-shopping is more related to Being ready for shifts in the way the industry approaches inclusive marketing campaigns, shop-able content, and more. Here is what we are expecting next year.

How Digital Marketing is Shaping the Businesses in 2022:

The importance of for businesses is a totally important aspect in the area of business.

What are the key points of taking support of digital marketing operations:

Insights: we can easily Track as well as analyze customer behaviour. IT helps in delivering valuable insights quickly so that we can make quick decisions

Understand Customers: This is essential for knowing your customers .it can be done by tracking, analyzing, and interpreting customer behaviour and their attitudes.

Customer Experience: YOU need to Design customer journeys.IT should be based on the insights, integrate phases and functions to deliver a great experience.

Evaluate KPIs & Metrics: You must Continually track as well as manage marketing programs adapt based on feedback.

Key Component of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing deals with a wide variety of marketing strategies and technologies used to reach customers online. It allows companies to track messages to reach a required audience. It helps to market directly to people who can be interested in their product.

Digital marketing can be broadly categorized into:

  • Search Engine Optimization: The main goal of SEO is to get a business to rank higher in Google search results. It ultimately increases search engine traffic and diverts it to the business’s website.
  • Pay-per-Click: It boosts your ad or can be said as paid or advertisement. It promotes advertising or product to the search engine which increases search traffic to a business online.
  • Social Media Marketing: It includes everything your business can do via social media channels. Promoting your business on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and other platforms is proven to be good media to promote and boost your products advertising.
  • Content Marketing: Content marketing means telling the story and information sharing which is related to the products in order to increase brand awareness. It is proven to be an effective component as readers take an action like requesting more information, signing up for an email list, or making a purchase which makes our audience engaged in products.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing includes creating compelling campaigns which helps in knowing the maximum audience outreach .it also can be used to analyze customer interactions and data, and make strategic decisions on the gathered information.
  • Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing means reaching audiences via text messages, social media, websites, email and mobile applications or google or ios app.
  • Marketing Analytics: It allows marketers to learn what strategy is successful with consumers and adapt it for further marketing.



To evolve your approach in 2022, we need to focus on researching what identity means in your business market.

Then secondly use and strategies these learning’s into every stage of the creative process. It includes updating the language as well as the designs you use.

Build campaigns that are not only representative but also accessible. And mould accordingly as people change and evolve as new experiences, needs, and interests emerge. Diversity, equity, and inclusion in marketing are ongoing processes — there is no finish line.

So, digital marketing is more like blood to your business which is also an indispensable element of business.

Why digital marketing or media marketing?

In addition, the answer is to take a glance at your surroundings. We live in the digital world where we can almost buy anything with just one click. The world has gone digital and media of how we gather information and even how we share it with acquaintances, friends and family. Being online and being connected to the world via the net has been the new basic thing. The world has transformed the way we shop for things the way we find out about events.

We Concept Roof Media and Communication Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Company. We bring innovations as well as ultra-smart designs to build your brand. In addition, we provide result-oriented digital marketing strategies that help your brand catch the eye in this online world.

The concept is nothing but a way to classify the world in your mind. The concept means nothing but ideas that we use to describe any other word or thing. Hence, we are here curating the most intelligent ideas or concepts to take your brand to the topmost level in your field. Concept Roof Media and Communication

is a comprehensive, integrated marketing firm and consultancy, covering the state of Maharashtra under CR Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Our top management consists of highly experienced and qualified marketing professionals having years of specialized marketing, operations, manufacturing & creative experience. Our capabilities encompass everything in the web design and digital marketing space, including web design and hosting, SEO, social media, PPC, content writing, email marketing and more in different sectors.

As the best digital marketing company in Pune, We carry a passion for performance marketing and have a knack for untangling even the toughest of the knots. Concept Roof Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd. We believe in coming up with original ideas and turning them into digital work that is both innovative and measurable.

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