We build each of our campaigns to produce the best results possible. Our each and every pay-per-click management campaign is built based on research and analysis to better understand web users and different target audiences. As we’ve designed PPC campaigns for a number of industry domains, our experts have gained a strong the knowledge to build attractive campaigns that give results. We report in real time to show our clients the value they’re receiving for the money invested, and we also constantly monitor performance in both short- and long-term schedules.

In the On-page optimization, our SEO experts will keep updating your website methodically to increase its online visibility for those searching for the products or services that you offer. Since SEO marketing requires significant time and skills to produce a competitive strategy for the digital marketplace, we conduct a site audit to understand the keywords your website targets, the quality of content on the website, and internal linking strategies to identify improvements to your SEO performance. Our full-proof SEO strategy will definitely fetch you the best and get you on top of search results.

Most businesses online do not understand the true potential of what social media can get for you.  It can act as both a lead generator and a great engagement strategy to increase brand awareness and ultimately sales. Our social media marketing campaigns are built with lead generation and retention in mind to ensure that your audience is tuned into your message and is constantly engaging with a brand that offers them additional value and interest beyond the initial point of connection.

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It is said that a picture speaks 1000 words. And in today’s digital world, it is all about how strongly you convey your message and story visually. Those eye-catching and engaging graphics are a key to ultimate conversions and success in today’s age. With our creative graphics team, we have kept ‘Creating Engaging Graphics’ at the heart of our marketing strategy. We have developed many creative graphics design in various industry domains that brings your thoughts into reality.

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Local SEO

Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO requires a strategic approach to promotion. As a reputed SEO Consultancy, we say, you must identify your business to run it properly, Concept Roof can help you with many effective strategies to promote business at local business locations. You can tell us about your business and locality in detail and we can manage the campaign to provide you with the best exposure and enough local recognition.

The strategies we use are:

Google Maps: Google Maps is a universal identifier of places that include free utilities such as your street and connecting business houses throughout the map. Why not use it to promote a local business? You can create an identity on Google Maps and use it to show your real presence to your customers.

Google Places: This is another advanced tool for showing your physical presence. By one estimate, around 97% of customers only search for local businesses and services. With Google Places, you can mark your presence, with your street address, house number and contact details. You can verify yourself and establish your presence online for the 97% of customers who search for services and products online. You can add a business category, contact information, and availability times to make your presence significant.

Contact us for more information about the SEO consultancy services Concept Roof can offer. If you can't find a listing in the search engine you need or your ranking has dropped, let Concept Roof find the reason and help you get where you want to go online.

Your website is like an online address. It is a one stop solution for all the queries that your target audience may have. And, it is the place where maximum traffic is to be diverted to generate great results and conversions. Keeping this in mind, we have been creating and maintaining dynamic websites for our clients in such a way that only genuine traffic is generated to the website. We take into account all the business requirements and then design the website flow in such a way that user navigation process is simplified.  

In this digital age today, the first point of customer contact is normally a website, software, or mobile application. Thus, it is necessary to make this first point of contact very engaging for gaining that positive first impression. This is where UI/UX comes into play. User interface is the design focused on user interaction and experiences for computers, websites, mobile and software applications. It should be make technology easy to use and at the same time intuitive for people to use. User Experience (UX) is the strategic process of creating a user interface which is relevant to consumer. It is basically how a person feels when interacting with the system. We have been designing UI/UX designs for our clients that have given outstanding designs.

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