The Green Roof

The Green Roof’s Journey To Success Sinhgad Road being one the upcoming places in Pune, people here have started to make this area their permanent home for ever. We have figured out that in whole of the region of Pune, Sinhgad Road was lagging with something which will help them spend their in quality space, as they were travelling to Camp, Nagar road, Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park to spend their evenings. We thought to save their time and fuel and get them what they want closest to them. Ergo, we succeeded and we were right as visitors, guests, suppliers started praising us for being giving them The Green Roof.

“ It is not just the restaurant, it is a concept which creates the memories and bonds families, couples, friends even more..”

With the idea of Rooftop usage, we, Yuvraj Sharma, Kamlesh Soni and Yogesh Vyas teamed up together and gather all the possible success-driven strategies and implemented the best of them to the view which you see today in the evening. All the love and appreciation from families/friends/ couples that we are showered with is the exact thing we are surviving on and we in return appreciate the same..! Salute to all you as we are proud that you liked our concept, theme, tastes, ambience. To get in touch with us with ideas and suggestions just message and we can meet over a cup of tea or coffee.


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